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smell log:
just smelt a smell that reminded me of the scooby doo movie

god debian sucks, wish i didn't use it as my server operating system

am i the only one who really likes the look of the proton firefox redesign??? im hearing only negative things about it

i am going to piss
i am going to shit
i am going to combination piss and shit

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There is only one gender, and it's mine. It belongs to me. No one else is allowed to have it.

FINALLY have wifi working now oh my god

i am one L away from just enabling literally every network option in the kernel and just hoping that makes it work

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still haven't got wifi working on my gentoo install LMAO

of course i didn't set up the network correctly or something yay,

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fellas... is it gay to summon? You're literally coming 🤔😳🤔

ok i decided to just use the regular glibc tarball instead of the musl one because apparently that one is a bitxh to install :')

i have discovered the --keep-going flag

im sure this will not break anything

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if i were gentoo i would simply build procps successfully

for some reason instead of being productive with my weekend i am installing gentoo

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