how do i see posts from users on a specific instance? thinking of switching to a different one but wondering what the people on there are like.

Fuzzbutt says 'Caption Your Media!' :D

(If you have handwriting like mine, this is essential ;p)

posting "punch nazis" on twitter: banned for inciting violence

posting "punch nazis" on mastodon: gaining the respect of the admin

the new official mastodon app seems pretty spiffy

It's pretty fucked how Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr established themselves as places to host your words and pictures so you could share them with others, and now they all lock some or all the things you post there to users only

Yeah it WOULD be nice if you could show me funny videos from Instagram, friend, but you can't and I'm sick of reminding you

clearly if we build our own instance of the pain machine, using open source parts, it will fix the underlying source of pain

cyberbully your idols
have gay sex
kill a cop
build a cabin in the woods
have more gay sex
burn down a megafactory
punch your boss
quit your job
have even more gay sex
rob a bank with your polycule
commit a felony while holding hands
change the world

vegetables are cool. so are fruits. that's my take

money help ask 

hi lovelies,
i've been keeping on top of things for the most part and am ready to start streaming on a regular basis! :blobcatcoffee:
one thing that's making life a lot harder and limiting my ability to interact is that i haven't had phone credit in a while.
i'm putting out a call for contributions to get $20 to top up my phone so i'm not wifi-hopping so much of the time.
you can help me out here:
be sure to check out my streams this weekend! leave a name and note in your donation and i will read it on stream to personally thank you!

discord server issues 

is experiencing server issues at the moment, apparently.

just another reminder why using centralized services for communication is a shit idea. i wish there was an alternative that was easy to use and offered similar functionality to discord.

i mean most sites aren't designed with screens this big in mind but still, all that empty space and the left-aligned content is quite jarring

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i hate google but i'm really liking material design 3 and want to take inspiration from it in my own UX design

i also think mastodon is a bit visually unappealing and makes me feel anxious to use it.

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i think the biggest reason for my cycle of being interested in mastodon then abandoning it for years is because there is no easy way to find people to follow. like sure, i've followed a few people already but it doesn't feel anywhere near the same extent as, say, twitter. that's a combination of the network effect and the fact that twitter has a fancy recommendation algorithm which feeds off of gigabytes of user data.

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CW: Food mention, poll for vegans and vegetarians 

Hey, vegans and vegetarians, if lab grown meat becomes a viable thing (which it very well may in the coming years), would you be willing to eat it?
Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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