Oh, so you're a body builder? How many bodies have you built?

@pilou probably trillions (if you call atoms bodies)

@pilou technically speaking, people with kids are body builders

You're welcome. 😊
I saw on your webpage thay you like Judas Priest. Nice! 🎸

@pilou Oh thank you! Priest is so universal. Even people who are not really into metal tend to like 'em, what's your experience?

I like metal, but I'm not exactly a metalhead. Still, Judas Priest I like a lot, so even just based on my experience I'd say you are right.

And songs like "Breaking the Law" are indeed well liked by people who are not deeply into metal.

@pilou I am not a metalhead either, though I have many metal favourites (and many metal T-shirts/hoodies too).

Yeah! I've experienced "Beyond The Realms Of Death" is also popular, it touches many non-metal people. The same goes for Blood Red Skies. Also the concept album Nostradamus.

I don't know these ones yet. I'll make sure to listen to them in the next few days. ☺

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