Star Trek has a long list of its own issues and problems (esp. with queerness), but it's also the only major U.S. media franchise I bother with anymore because it's a tiny bit more self-aware than most and doesn't lick fascist boots quite so hard.

Star Trek centers around a sprawling extractive empire with feel-good branding, a terrifying military, and excellent material lives for those who fall in line with the imperial system and that is so relatable I can't help but be fascinated.


Star Trek, sexism, racism 

Yes. In defense of Star Trek, they often pushed against conservative ideology, but had to keep reasonably under the radar or circumvent it.

For example, the Uhura--Kirk kiss had to be done when the morality chaperone wasn't present.

Also the more revealing female mirror uniforms had also to be hidden from the chaperones.

The female uniforms are an interesting story in themselves. I used to think they are terribly sexist until I found out about its story and how it falls within 1960's fashion and the discourse of women's liberation at the time.

Star Trek has a lot of problems (eg. Ferengis) but it also did a lot of good things.

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