you shouldnt let your kids watch scooby doo bc it promotes the dangerous myth that ghosts are not real

@picklemaddierix It DOES send the message that most crimes are committed by old white men trying to preserve their money, so there are positive messages too

@RedFuture @picklemaddierix Imagine pitching that show.

"Imagine a show about four young people who hunt ghosts! "

"Fantastic! "

"Except, instead of ghosts, it's real estate fraud."

"...? "

"Also there's a dog that almost talks."

"Sold! "

@picklemaddierix I remember tons of episodes where after the mystery was "solved" some serious shit would happen in the background and no one on screen would notice, it always left me with the uneasy feeling that we don't see as much of anything as we think we do and that's a damn good moral tbh

@picklemaddierix And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those blasted kids and that dog!

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