i love the sonic the hedgehog naming convention:

Sonic: named in honor of his speed
Eggman: named after his round, egg-like body
Knuckles: named after his large notable knuckles
Amy: Amy is a girl's name (Amy is a Girl)

tails: he has two tails
shadow: dark and cool like a shadow
rouge: BAT with TITS

@lynnesbian Rouge: named after makeup, a thing that girls use (Rouge is a girl)

@lynnesbian its true she does have tits. also all the world's gems are her's to keep

big cat: he is a big cat
vector the crocodile: his name is vector and he is a crocodile

@picklemaddierix big the cat excuse me my brain is working on 20%

@Tasnyx fuck now i cant stop thinking about what a terrible name "vector the crocodile" is

@picklemaddierix listen, his name is vector, he is a crocodile, what more do you want? he is a good man he works as a private detective completely pro bono and doesnt trust the cops

@Kat thats honestly better!! though i guess she didn't have the hammer in her first appearance

@picklemaddierix i also have a hammer

,,, do you wanna see

(note: i do not actually have a hammer)

@Che5hire @Kat according to the sonic wiki it looks like Rosy is some sort of evil amy doppelganger. it's too bad cuz Rosy is a much better sonic character's name!

@picklemaddierix @eightbitsamurai Shadow because he’s edgy af. Silver because he’s...silver.

@picklemaddierix i love this post so much maddie, i do big hooting real life laughs every time i see it again, thank you

@picklemaddierix Cream: named afte- *I am taken out by a sniper*

@picklemaddierix i really wish amy as a character either never existed or was completely re-written by someone who knows how to write female characters

because shes still barely progressed past "young girl who is obsessed with older boy who is entirely uninterested in her, both to dangerous extents" and it really annoys the hell out of me because shes such a one dimensional character

@picklemaddierix I don't know if Blaze is poorly named or not... Blaze is a cat with fire powers kitty. 😊

...did they name her that because she's hot? Also a girl? 🤔

@MadestMadness im going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say its the first

@picklemaddierix I could have been far worse, they could have called her "Tits"

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