Earth completing an orbit around the Sun is a more material reason for celebration than many major holidays

Forgot to disambiguate "new Peter Jackson film" when telling a friend it was OK to pre-purchase tickets and later stared, incredulously, at the title when it was handed to me at the theater.

It's probably a bit pointless to be screaming these very salient points into the fediverse, where they are likely recognized by many and are some of the reasons for its infrastructure.

I was attracted to Tumblr due to its emphasis on visual media and ease of curating a continuous feed of interesting content. Sometimes this content was adult; mature comics, drawings or otherwise.

Tumblr staff' blog states "There are no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content" and this is true: there's lots of gross, xxx-exclusive sites out there. However, there is a shortage of sites that allow expression of adult content in measured, welcoming and positive contexts.

I don't want to go to a porn-exclusive site to read a comic that happens to feature sex or a naked figure.

Cooking is a pastime that fills both physical and mental voids.

The obvious conclusion: nothing beat the values that I first copy-pasted from a section of IM's site on the subject.

I just spent many hours evaluating ImageMagick unsharp parameters so I could be confident what a two line PR to fix fuzzy looking Diaspora thumbnails was well informed.

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That warm feeling when a horrible corporation's marketing department makes a broad strategic decision to try selling to a new demographic, and I happen to be in that demographic, so they stop treating me like a 100% nuisance who needs to be ignored or destroyed, and start treating me like a piggybank who needs to be emotionally manipulated until I buy their shit, but some of their emotional manipulation mildly resembles actual human kindness. That's a good feeling.

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Does a faceless avatar make an online identity less approachable?

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