naked legs, socked feet 

I ordered these socks in a queer book shop, because they had a free stickers promo for non-binary day.

Hey, Mimi. You so fine.
You so fine, you blow my mind.
Hey, Mimi. Hey, Mi …

oh you wanna *miss*gender me? like, call me miss mimi? go on, do it then.

I love these composers, who appear out of nowhere and are happy about you enjoying their work.

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mildly lewd joke 

Nude toots are called noots, right?

Well, still cloudy, moon set behind the houses, and sun began to rise behind me. But at least I was able to make out the partial eclipse for a brief moment there. (Also it’s just a bad picture to get the point across.)

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I wish I could see the tonight, since my sleep is messed up and I’m awake anyway. Would’ve been nice to get the telescope out. Sadly there’s a diffuse layer of clouds across the whole sky, and it’s only getting worse.

Animal Crossing, ec? 

randomly started after two months and felt the need to be extraordinarily cute.

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