i dont really know how to federate with other instances yet but i have my own now so im going to be here like 90% less. so long and thanks for all the fish!

@mastohost can we choose which fork of mastodon we want when using your service?


kinda just want someone to cum on my stomach. or actually make me orgasm for the first time.

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i think it would be neat to have like, a character database thats as customizable as toyhou.se but for my friends,, i just daydream about having a directory of all our characters and species.

i want to make a site similar to toyhou.se,,,,,, but i do not know how..

i had a fun time with @Tourtous@snouts.online today on minecraft!! hope we can do it again sometime

ec, sona drawing 

Check out this totally cute piece that @ramskulls did for me!

There's so much good detail here, I absolutely adore this!!!

chances are if i dont respond for hours in end i'm not ignoring you i just literally didn't see u replied imsorry! it's better to get me on discrd.

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