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i'm not migrating until i can export my data and i can't do that until the 21st because i did it on the 14th and there's a 7 day cooldown

reminder that i have an alt that i'll probably move to eventually on my own instance @lynnesbian

- have the one of the lowest brain to body mass ratios
- have openings in their chest called "scent holes"
- are too dumb to eat a eucalyptus leaf if it's not attached to a tree
- sleep for the majority of the day
- are fucking stupid

piano music: *exists*
me: *on the verge of tears* thank you

if you look like a redditor you're not allowed to talk to me.

nice!!! It looks like a prism but with no hesitation or just one of you pole dancing

My haters: stop making reaction gifs out of my current haircut

Almost accidentally called selfies "facials" while asking if people wanted to see a selfie of me. "Anyone want to see my facials?" has some POWERFUL energy, but it's not mine to harvest

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