the server is back and it's all okay now. i just need to wait for the new IP to propagate.

you can see that the namecheap DNS provider has the right one, but it hasn't made it to e.g. google yet.

in other words, everything's okay. the server's working fine. all we need to do now is wait for the DNS stuff to come through.

oof, they charge you for server usage while restoring from a backup

every single step of the way of this process has been really nerve-wracking and this is hopefully the final one (apart from updating IPs)

vultr doesn't let you shut down a server while it's creating a snapshot. however, it *did* let me run "shutdown now", which shuts down the server, and *then* start creating the snapshot.

i hope my snapshot doesn't get corrupted or anything... it takes quite a while to create one, and i really don't know how long it's going to take. i've been leaving the console window open waiting for it to be ready, but there's no progress bar or anything.

honestly, i'm pretty scared right now.

for those who didn't see it, i'm currently redeploying my server to upgrade it to the higher capacity. this usually isn't possible, but vultr seems to have run out of storage space on the VM i'm using, and requires me to redeploy to a new one, still in sydney.

i've never had the upgrade process be anywhere near this convoluted. it's so weird and it's gonna take a while. sorry for any inconvenience caused.

me finding the furry jokes somewhat funny but also feeling awful reading them

i thought i wasn't giving minecraft enough memory but it turns out i didn't have enough memory to give minecraft

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