show me a better post than this and i'll show you a liar (you would be the liar)

@citrustwee i'm glad to hear it, i put way too much effort into it

@lynnesbian wait curious Greg is a real person? I THOUGHT IT WAS @stunt_bird TRYING OUT A NEW BIT

@lynnesbian ugh it was so good I thought he was real and then fake but someone else did it and then this is a roller coaster damn it

@lynnesbian this is genuinely one of the funniest things I've ever seen done on mastodon

@em thanks, i hope it was worth spending over an hour on

@lynnesbian Hi! Washington Toot here! Do you mind if we use this video in our coverage of the Curious Greg story? Thanks! -SB

@lynnesbian Was this a thing from a while ago or did I just miss something o_o

@lynnesbian curse my human body and its unending need for things like “sleep,” “food,” and “blood.”

@lynnesbian everything a I dreamed of. This is peak Mastodon.

i've decided i'm going to boost the Curious Greg retrospective every day until @ddipaola has seen it

@sireebob the Brooklyn(?) accented TTS is hilarious but I don't get the Curious Greg though I'm not usually one for absurdist humor

@ddipaola this sounds suspiciously like something Curious Greg would say :thaenkin:

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