any other community:
girl: my dick hurts
everyone: WHAT the FUCK
69 year old man: heh let's cyber

girl: my dick hurts
everyone: big fucking mood
69 year old man: jood (jean mood)

@lady_lumb thanks for deleting your typo, we both know that typos are my thing

@hovfire i was considering making a pepsi joke but decided against it

@daHob it means that mastodon is very accepting of trans people and i love it

@dennis_reichel this is the reply that this post desperately needed. thank you

@lynnesbian stop being jude (jean rude) to 69 year old man.

I keep thinking back to this post, as it is my favorite post on Mastodon I've seen thus far.

@rey @lynnesbian not even a week I've been on fediverse (I think this mastodon instance uses the "glitch" fork), and with this toot I'm already certain I came to the right place. nice.

@lynnesbian still one of the best posts, if not the best post, in the fediverse
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