the people who call ubuntu "noobunto" and shit on people for using it are hilarious. it's great to discourage people when they're just beginning to learn how to use linux, or to attack people who've been using ubuntu for years for no other reason than "it's popular". such a great idea haha it's so funny

@lynnesbian fucking right? or the ones who shit on lubuntu or KDE for being "too pretty to be linux" fucknig pisses me off. like, let people use what they like, its for them.

@lynnesbian @lady_lumb all the fucking time. The rice community is really toxic a lot of the time.

@lynnesbian @lady_lumb people hate you over literally every piece of software you prefer. (not only) linux community is totally bollocks.

@lady_lumb @lynnesbian the fuck does "too pretty to be linux" even mean
i feel like these people'd probably be mega pissed to see me usin deepin's de on an arch-based distro lmao

@headachebooth @lady_lumb i use cinnamon on arch too so they'd probably hate me for it. grrr if it isn't i3 it's not worth using

@headachebooth @lynnesbian idefk what that means, tbh i feel like it comes from people who want every distro to be as butt ugly as that fucking orange color ubuntu makes you look at all the day

@lynnesbian not like it's probably the most popular server OS or put linux into the mainstream all those years ago or anything 😂

@lynnesbian I personally dislike Ubuntu for various reasons, but you know, the cool thing about GNU+Linux is that everyone can use their favourite distro

@lynnesbian it also has one of the nicest most helpful communities! Which is not super common among distros


Gotta give credit to Mark Shuttleworth and the Ubuntu developers for making Linux actually usable for the non-techie types.

Ubuntu was from its inception intended for general consumers who are looking for an inexpensive alternative to Windows or macOS.


When I first tried Linux back in 2003 (it was RedHat) it was pretty hard for me to get into, despite RedHat being hyped as the Linux gamechanger at the time.

I then installed Ubuntu on an old PC back in 2006, it was so much easier to use (except for getting on Wi-Fi, as it was before nm-applet being standard issue).

I've been a Linux user ever since, though I switched to LinuxMint in 2008 and then to Peppermint OS in 2010.

If not for Ubuntu probably I gave up.

@salixlucida @lynnesbian

Ubuntu is how I first got my start with Linux and open source. I liked that I was just able to flash it on a USB stick, boot from it and install it. It gave new life to a laptop that I was going to get rid of.

While I still run Ubuntu, I also have laptops running FreeBSD and OpenBSD based on what I learned with Ubuntu.

@lynnesbian edgey motherfuckers who no doubt have Life totally figured out

@lynnesbian generally the same people who bemoan the fact that not enough people are using Linux

@lynnesbian I agree with this, however to be fair there are other reasons to dislike Ubuntu other than it being popular, like ads, (even on the server!), being abrasive in regards to distros like Mint etc. being non-cooperative with the wider community at times, not always abiding by the principles of free software...

But this is definitely not a good way to express these disagreements.

Yeah. Because you ain't allowed to just use the free software unless you suffer enough and unless you learn a set of skills you probably won't need anywhere else, even if there's zero reasons for you to do that now. It's like the initiation process or some tribal shit like that: my dad had to do it, I did it, so you must too.

@lynnesbian That's the same camp, by the way, who protests Blender UI reform for 2.8. Their reasoning? "You make Blender look like a toy"

The most idiotic thing in this field I've ever heard an adult person say, I think.

@drequivalent @lynnesbian Same group that is also hating on GNOME for "dumming down" apps and making them actually usable.

These are the same RTFM gang. A really pathetic lot. To bad they are poisoning the community for the rest of us. If anything, my beef with Ubuntu is it's not noob-friendly *enough*.

@eladhen @lynnesbian This is true. Ubuntu hasn’t been great a recommendation for years. It’s like they are experimenting toward user friendliness.

@lynnesbian if it was not for linux mint in 2012 i would not have learned so much about linux

linux mint taught me so much

@lynnesbian I have a friend I tease about using Ubuntu. He knows it's all in good fun.

@lynnesbian Ubuntu is fine and i usually reccommend it to people who are interested over anything else

@lynnesbian I've used Linux as my main operating system since kernel 0.99pl13 in 1993. I use Debian on server machines because it's rock stable and Ubuntu on client machines because it just works.

@lynnesbian this glob dang elitist bullshit is the no 1 thing i wish the linux nerds (and the greater floss world in general) would collectively get rid of

also the reason why i stopped talking to people about these things unless they specifically ask

@lynnesbian Use whatever you're comfortable with to start with. I learned from many mistakes over the years. Best way. Don't be discouraged by those with more knowledge than you, at times they forget once they were in your shoe's. I started back in 1997 with the old Redhat 4.2 😎

@lynnesbian that's a good way to spot idiots. Ubuntu is a good os for people that actually want to get shit done, whether it's writing code or office documents. However this industry badly suffers from some sort of inadequacy complex and many people fall for the "I must use i3 to be a 3l33t h4xz0rz" meme.
I just lol at those people.

@lynnesbian Pfft, what a load of bs. I started out on Mandrake, I've played in OpenBSD, I've supported CentOS and extensively used Redhat pre-RHEL, and I use Ubuntu because of its flexibility, support, and catalog. Don't let the mouth-fedora sporting wanna-be BOFHs get you down!

@lynnesbian Amen sister!

I personally don't like USING :ubuntu: #Ubuntu a much as :debian: #Debian but I would not be using #Linux at all were it not for Ubuntu and Canonical's efforts at a user friendly distro.

@lynnesbian linux is amazing to me because it’s the most popular product for so much infrastructure, but for individuals it’s like you’re only “”approved”” to use it if you willingly cover yourself in fire ants. not a lot of the early web has stayed with that attitude

@lynnesbian (I also use FreeBSD/XNU-kernel MacOS because frankly I'm too damn old and tired to be shoehorning ever-changing user interfaces into something approaching familiar, but I still want to maintain the majority the utility of a nixie system >_> I'm also too old to give a shit how "modern" neck beards feel about that, so... grain of salt there for you :p )

@lynnesbian They are actually being like my son at age two, when at the library's children's section he approached a four-year-old with a Barney DVD she selected, pawed at his extracted tongue, and said "Barney yucky."

My child had naivete and toddler social skills for excuses -- what are the adults' excuses?


@cosullivan @lynnesbian People seem to enjoy this as a facet of cheap ego building. I enjoy wine, for instance, but am cognizant of how famously this effect is present in the culture. And it’s ridiculous. I love wine but it’s mouldy grape juice.

I'd been running linux mainframes for decades (caldera, redhat, suse), ubuntu is what let me ditch the mix of serial terminals and widows+putty clients we had, and move everyone over to a linux desktop. Even if we drift apart, I'll always be grateful for a distro I could give to a room of 50+ year old accountants and not have them run screaming.

@lynnesbian it's particularly stupid when you put in the "right" light: I know a lot of people who write badass code and are anything but "n00bs". They could run a mean Gentoo installation, too (in fact, me and one of them used to do it back when LUGs were still cool). They use Ubuntu precisely because it's so popular: if they need to try a new library or a new program, it's likely in the repos, and if not, it's in a PPA. It saves time that they invest in writing code, for everyone's benefit.

@lynnesbian @erkin Seriously. Amen! I’ve been a Linux user since 1992. My first distribution was SLS 0.98 on a pile of floppy disks. I’ve recompiled hundreds of kernels and configured XFree86 by hand. I put in my time. And you know what? I use Ubuntu now. I don’t begrudge anyone else’s choices in what distribution they use, so long as they enjoy using it. I wish they afforded me the same decency.

*boots into Ubuntu to trigger nerds who care about my life*

@lynnesbian right? It's almost like it's not Linux that's the problem 🤔🙄 /s

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