girl hornt reply: omg you're so cute i love your boobs! wow 😍
guy hornt reply: MMMM BABEY.... cant look away from you're ass..... rely wanna put my THING in ther......... fuck babye your so hot.... MMMMMmmmm wannt to lick thw sweat offof yoru eybrowns.....

i'm gonna boost this every time i remember the word "eybrowns" and start laughing like an idiot

@lynnesbian this is,,, pretty much the reason i wanted to be lesbiab tbh?

i did not want to lick thw sweat offof anyone's eybrowns

@00dani agreed. boobs are cute but im not a weird hornt like men

@lynnesbian @00dani
just realised I didnt do accesibility thing:
"Only villains do that meme format:
Gornt - Always go for this
Mornt - Never ever go for this, Only villains do that"

@lynnesbian sometimes i feel like the weird one in life and then normie boys just go that extra hundred miles into extremely undesired weirdness

@lynnesbian @Cansome
Eybrown sweat is the new kink. Vore is dead, pee is dead, goodbye cuck meme.

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@lynnesbian yeah sorry i don't wanna do that actually, just wanna kiss ur snoot

@lynnesbian I always try to focus on things they might not be complimented on enough. ie love your hair, your glasses are cute, etc.

Not like, trying to not all men, I KNOW it's all men lmao I just meant they should try that xD

@lynnesbian I promise, I wasn't trying to like, fish.


thank you :)

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