if they don't hurry up and legalise weed in australia i'm gonna have to embark on the fucking oregon trail just to try it

@realtoddhoward lietarlly have never had weed in my life my posting is always shit babyyyyyyyy

@yvn @realtoddhoward i mean i could get drunk?? idk
last time i got Drunk Online i just DM'd a bunch of people asking them to tell me i had a nice ass

@lynnesbian ive never smoked a weed, none of my friends do but i still feel like im missing out lol

@lynnesbian weed is sorta boring tbh though

like it's fun enough i guess and great with acid if you're not the type of person who it's terrible with acid for, but it's just sorta,,, bland imo

@pea lol i can't even drink beer because it has gluten in it fuck my lyphe

@tsu i was planning on contorting myself into a small cube and sending myself by post so there's not really room for another sorry

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