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If I ever post anything that needs a CW, please let me know, no matter how minor you think it is. The last thing I want to do here is upset somebody.

@lynnesbian it's slow but useful ultimately TBH. on the bright side it gives you PLENTY of time to look into the eyes of your bleeding, dying, corpse as it begs for mercy as you move into your new form

I'm not saying that life itself is a greco-roman tragedy... but on this very day there was a prophecy (@Lumb) followed by the death of a great (@lynnesbian) and their return from the afterlife (@lynnesbian)

Also I take FULL credit for the murder as one of the last ones to interact with this 👏 ICON 👏

yeah this is about how to install linux for expecting mothers

@lynnesbian @Ophillous
Srsly I hate Lynn so fucking much. I’m glad you’re here Lynne to balance out the L named people.

every time i make a toot correcting someone's spelling of my name i make it slightly less passive and more aggressive

i'm not migrating until i can export my data and i can't do that until the 21st because i did it on the 14th and there's a 7 day cooldown

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