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If I ever post anything that needs a CW, please let me know, no matter how minor you think it is. The last thing I want to do here is upset somebody.

@lynnesbian *gives u a few kisses*

oh wait u said minutes

oh well

fuck it. i'm gonna make a python script, download all the boosts, and try this again. gimme a few minutes

you shouldve been here for three days later and stole every bit of indecisiveness. like jumping into a pickle... Im pickle rick

tired: chocolatey is a bad package manager because you have to pay for a license to make it work properly
wired: chocolatey is a bad package manager because it's not called choclety

is there some was i can download a list of all the boosts? my current way of doing this is unworkable

firefox is dying because I've scrolled so far down in the notifications, it takes me several minutes just to post toot, idk if this is even possible any more...

i really wanna stop this but i don't wanna let everyone down ;-;

at this rate i'm going to have to pass this thread down to my children

i wish i wasn't wrong. i hate that bot. it is hilarious buy oh my god why is it a lot

next time i make a "boost and i'll do this" thread i'm gonna set it to followers only

need to hire some assistants for that draw thread

Congrats to everyone on, you've got the cursed elf too now :celf: 😊

vape ape is homeless despite being the guy from the West Wing

hey this is me if u wanna ask a thing anonymously or whatever

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