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Okay, I made a Mastodon account specifically for TNBTU (@tnbtu) if you only want TNBTU updates and news, and nothing else.

This account is more for personal stuff and non-TNBTU related art, I guess. I'll still retoot everything from there to this account though.

Now, I have to find something to do that doesn't involve looking at a screen.

I was trying to work on a the next TNBTU page but had to stop because my right eye started to super hurt for some reason... :blobpout:

current mood tmi 

No foolin'... TNBTU will resume updating April 5th!


New to Mastodon. I guess the hashtag makes that obvious. πŸ˜… heh

I'm a cartoonist who does a webcomic called The Night Belongs to Us. tnbtu.com

Check it out if a super slow-burn, supernatural, lesbian romance is something you'd be into.

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