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universal experience is hearing the frog scorpion story and going "that sucks. that's a terrible fucking story. fuck off"

i don't care about labels, as long as you're not a sapiosexual, a gamer, a weeb, or a fucking italian

body image / dysphoria (-) 

good news is that I showered. bad news is that I saw my chest in the mirror and thought it looked like michelangelo's interpretation of tits.

(also anyone complaining about forecasts being inaccurate can catch these hands tbh, the shit forecasters accomplish with the observations and computers they have is heroic imo. and lmao do you know how fucking difficult precip is to forecast. cloud processes occur on microscopic scales. nobody has the computing power to fully simulate that shit in a full weather forecast rn. the fact that they do as good a job as they do with convection schemes etc. is phenomenal tbh)

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mh (-) 

potential pros:
- shower
- might take off clothes once inside
potential cons:
- wet fabric
- what am I supposed to do afterwards I got wet clothes

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the best part of being mentally ill is just forgetting you have any illness and just decided to do those things for lols
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gendering pets is kind of weird but I AM glad my boyfriend lives with a girl cat and not a boy cat because I don't know how it would affect our relationship if he had to hear me say "good boy" to someone who isn't h

mh (-) 

dangerously close to showering with clothes on :/

As much as I love headsets there's a unique feeling to giving your friend that you have a crush on an earbud and listening to a song you like and wanted to show them and using that as an excuse to get closer to them and maybe they lie their head on your shoulder and for just a moment, between two hearberts, you feel like the world stops and you can bask in that moment

Bro... don’t call me cute bro... I’m NOT cute. I’m sexy. Call me sexy, bro.

me writing an important email: *writes the salutation and signature* ok thats enough work for one day

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