the trans experience, desisters 

cannot stop thinking abt this tumblr anon

the trans experience, desisters 

"you hurt my feelings by saying that bigots are weaponising my experience against people like you :("

the trans experience, desisters 

wait no that isn't quite right..

"you hurt my feelings by saying I'm also a bigot for being complacent in the weaponising of my experience against people like you :("

OCR Output (chars: 489) 

anonymous asked

I have heard of people

who mention they have
detransitioned bc they thought
they were trans for years, did t
for like 6 months and realized
they were wrong, they were
just he/they gnc lesbians or
smth. He supports the trans
community and fights against
those that want to make
transition harder, but still
shares his experience, and the
"bad" things that came from

it. Are they still a "piece of
shit" for calling themselves a

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