the cis should start expressing their gender without gendered terms. as a bit and as an exercise in gender exploration. I think they'd just be a lot more chill if they felt comfortable describing their gender as a hard rock album at sunset after a really sweaty run.

@lemememeringue I never quite understood this, but since you asked, I'll give it a try. my gender is not hitting on waitstaff

@lemememeringue a cauldron in which an unattended small child tried to make "garbage soup" for their ferocious dragon imaginary friend

@lemememeringue (this was not particularly comforting but it is nothing new to me)

@lemememeringue my gender is catching a whiff of woodsmoke as you bike through a neighborhood as the sun sets, catching small glimpses into the lives of others through lit windows

@lemememeringue I'm trans, but my gender is hiding between the giant demo carpets hanging on the rack in a carpet store 🙂

@lemememeringue I'm not cis but I'd like to contribute my gender, which is baking a pie and offering to share it with someone special but nevertheless eating every slice of it myself

@lemememeringue i'd say the gender i'm most attracted to is the knockout kick to the head delivered by holly holm in her november 2015 ufc match against ronda rousey... as far as i know nobody of that gender actually exists, but a girl can dream...

@jennie you've opened a whole new world for me I didn't even THINK about gendering attraction :blobcheerbounce:

@jennie my favourite gender is a sunny day inside a local flowershop that's a front for smuggling

@lemememeringue that was the only moment in mma history I've ever paid any attention to at all, but I think anyone who's seen it would agree ~damn that's a nice gender~

@lemememeringue My gender is being a Big Scary Terrifying Monster... who makes awful jokes at the drop of a hat and is just out for a good laugh. (:

@lemememeringue This looks like a really fun exercise.

As a rock album cover, my gender is a mildly art deco cityscape but with a fancy faux-medieval font you would find in a fantasy novel.

@lemememeringue im not cis but my gender is definitely melancholy bedroom pop by a rainy window with a fresh coffee at 11am

@lemememeringue bonus: this might help some people realize they're not cis.

@jplebreton no joke my start to gender freedom was ironically calling myself a grill

@lemememeringue My gender is putting my feet up with a satisfied sigh after snowshoeing through the woods all day while wearing a scarf that I knit myself.

@lemememeringue my gender is fresh coffee in your favourite mug

@lemememeringue my gender today is 37 ravens clamoring at nothing in particular

I'm cis but if anyone asks my gender is the sensation of falling asleep while playing Super Mario Sunshine at 1am. This track is playing

@lemememeringue not cis but my gender is the kind of golden light you only encounter on a misty morning in a pine forest

@anarchiv @lemememeringue my gender is a rainy day, warm blankets and studio ghibli music

@lemememeringue not cis but i'm joining in because it's fun: my gender is those split few nanoseconds or so where a program's run into an issue that made it crash, but it hasn't told you yet

@lemememeringue i'm sorry but could you resend the legal paperwork, my gender corrupted them beyond recognition

my gender is an indeterminate number of robots made from various junkyard pieces and filled with magical smoke of various colors

@lemememeringue my gf's is a spaceship constructed of spare parts traveling the endless void in search of wondrous sights

@aradinfinity this is a beautiful metaphor for how the same gender (space mechanical amalgamation) can be explored so differently

@lemememeringue am cis, can confirm this is the only way to live.

am i cis girl? yes. but more accurately, my gender is me rising out of a pile of glitter, lace, and bows like rita repulsa saying she's finally free to conquer the world after a thousand years in captivity

@lemememeringue my gender is a really good chocolate cake and the frosting is ok but the filling didn't work out so good

@lemememeringue okay if Mars is men and Venus is women and all the others and the exoplanets are non-binary genders...

...then my gender is "chillin in the interstellar medium 😎"

@error_1202 when you shoot your gender to the moon and miss but it's okay bc now it's among the stars ✨

@lemememeringue cis here- my gender is the stoner-est of 90s indie rock

@lemememeringue I'm not cis, but my gender are the lyrics "Nobody's figured out my twelve fatal flaws / Who's keeping score? Who wins that war?" from They Might Be Giants' song This Microphone

@lemememeringue ah, wait, I thought of something even more accurate: my gender is the half-remembered plot of a TV show episode you watched once 7 years ago and liked at the time

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