馃搶 personal read-me 

This is a re-draft of an older post for folks who don't already know me too well. There are just a few important personal boundaries that I'd like to ask people to keep in mind when dealing with me.

1. I'm a trans woman.
It's not okay to refer to me using masculine or male-coded language.

2. I'm asexual & sex repulsed.
I am not attracted to you. Don't flirt with me. Don't make me see stuff that's bodily gross or overtly sexual. Basically, if you wouldn't show it to your little sister I don't want to see it!

3. I have have c-PTSD.
Major triggers for me are: drugs, alcohol, death, suicide, self harm, dysphoria, parental abuse, poverty & homelessness. Not exactly small things. All I'm really asking for is common sense use of content warnings.

I have good days and bad days. If it seems like I'm okay with stuff one day and freaking out the next - I'm sorry! It's weird for me too! Please try to be gentle with me, okay?

That's all, thank you so much for reading 馃挅

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