ok mastodon, we blew the last... five (???) twitter mass migrations. this time are we gonna be patient and helpful with the horrible new clowns who don't know how to fuckin behave?

im joking but like. there was a time when people would go on about how genuine and lovely and personal mastodon felt compared to twitter. remember that? i still believe it can still offer that kind of breath of fresh air to new generations of people.

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most of the people showed up at some point thinkin this website was gonna be like twitter. when new folks show up it's important to give them time and space to unlearn that, imo.

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@jennie when I joined it wasn't a Twitter migration, but it was a bunch of folks joining a new instance all at once, and it made for a great first experience here. All of us there were new to things, and all kinda figuring it out together, and the instance felt like a safe home within the wider, wilder world of the fediverse. I feel like new users all joining different established instances keeps them from having that sort of experience.

@jennie I wish there was a way to create a similar experience for new waves of users but I'm not sure how. Instances for new users only? Like if your account is too old you have to move elsewhere? Basically a tutorial area for the fediverse? Idk

@nat if people showed up on day 1 with the idea in their head that they could start their own instance, that'd be something. most people start on . social and, idk, that place just ain't it

@jennie yeah, that's got to be one of the worst instances to start in. If that had been my introduction to the fediverse I doubt I would have stuck around.

@jennie when I migrated w the tumblr purge, I rly did feel a sense of community and potential. there was a learning curve but with filters and liberal muting,, I felt comfortable. now I'm exhausted scrolling thru my tl and I can't find enough nice people to replace the ones I no longer vibe with. I rly hope that the newcomers find a home and are willing to play nice.

@lemememeringue damn I'm sorry you're feeling that way here. I also showed up during the tumblr exodus, and this place felt so special back then. but a lot of my best online friends have left here since then and it's just not the same.

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