what is this thing called: 🌮 ?

@SeanAloysiusOBrien first one is taw-ko (correct), second one is tack-o (what.)

@jennie wait but I thought it was like tahco, and not tawco

@kioskwitch I would say both of those the same? like... rhymes with "rock go"

@jennie Id say taco with a very clearly audible ah. tahco. Rock for me would probably rhyme with awk-ward

@jennie ah yeah, you say awkward differently. Yours is closer to ahkward and mine is closer to... one of those swedish vowels, å or ø

@kioskwitch *after watching random some swedish youtuber say å* mhm!

@jennie this is difficult because I dont know what accent you have and I dont know what accent mine most closely aligns with

@jennie is that really a pronunciation you've encountered

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