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our observations lossy, and perceptions noisy

Shelby really snapped on this Tech Tangent

my bedding is still drying, time for direct mattress computing

these things have been done and the soundtrack is Back On

ok undertale soundtrack is over i need to wash my bedding and my Self

my body wrote yesterday off and now im just in bed listening to undertale like : )

also it was Lizzo who actually set the vibes so high. teenage bucket hat wife guy knew all the words and he was the only boy in the vicinity so when Lizzo sang Boys he was the centre of attention. i was blown away and just squealing "queeeeeeeen". she got the flute out. and had everybody shaking their butt

i danced my way back to where i was standing and tapped teenage bucket hat wife guy on the shoulder and asked after fangirl who was nowhere to be seen. and we just went wild for the rest of the set. all my favourite songs were played except one which they had to cut for time purposes

we all got ushered off stage at the end of the song and i was just dancing even more expressively than usual making my way around the crowd and hollering with people coming up to me like it's you... i'm like. i can't believe it right

the level of hysteria was making the band anxious at first but just. 10/10 best show i ever been to

shoutout to the fangirl next to me having a darn religious experience last night. i waved to her from up on stage. the place was electrifying. making a heart symbol with my hands and holding it high

ime back home now. Joba said it best at the concert - "I'm having the best fucking night of my life!"

selfie, ec 

well i got to perform on stage with my favourite band, to the song QUEER. i honestly don't know where to go from here

nah fuck finding a place to stay imma netcaf it all night

what if, instead of worrying about charging, i brought my broken screen phone fully charged and turned off then just whack the sim into it once the new (shittier) one dies


wow up until today i didn't know you could tap the username while replying and it shows the message (in tusky app)

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