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our observations lossy, and perceptions noisy

i wish i hadnt just spent the last four years forgetting every skill

rx, toxicology 

on the real, newer antihistamines are notably devoid of side effects and toxicity. i read a tox report where an infant somehow consumed 400 loratadine tablets and the babby was fine. no effect.

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the antihistamine fenofaxidine, while a very non-toxic and otherwise benign compound, its long term use can result in the patient becoming a fennec over time. they dont teach you this in school

waiting on some wild gourds to grow so i can remove them from the plant and do with them as i wish

Daft Punk got where they are because of Black people (and its ok to admit that).

i dont follow most locals bc i read local first and foremost anyway but just want yous to know you are the very best


when i wear one with an aerial i do say it's because i'm robot

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kink ppl have asked me whats the deal w my collars and im like... fashion. and actual dog collars break less easily

selfie, ec 

i wore this outfit two days in a row πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

i think i ended up just... leaving it at a construction site

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