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housemate came back on a gec vibe and the energy of this place has been rillllll good

lol how come whiplash takes 2 days to set in? there was a hot wheat bag on my pillow on the couch this morning tho, psychic

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one of my favorite genders 

an fm car radio tuned to a station that plays nothing but 90s r&b with the volume turned up high

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this is a long thread of all my favorite genders

i went to a show at which i got to do my dnb tempo dancing to metal and also just hair whip


the glass i just drank, a double irish whiskey, would be thirty dollars in town. i think imma stick to water

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*door charge nukes my bar spend* uhh yes may i have 0.86 drink

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introducing the new joint mini. its like a joint, but smaller

if she's your girl why she staring at my xscreensaver

the sound of brockhampton and smell of ck euphoria together give a very strong 1-year-ago vibe

neurodivergent shit 

me, arranging five ceramic ducks so that none of them are in any way aligned: ime normal πŸ™‚


first time i've made myself dinner on a heated plate

Selfie, lewd 

From a few weeks ago, but here. ❀️

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