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since announcements dont work on mobile yet to my knowledge, im doing more work on s3, and media probably will be broken for a bit, please bare with me

another new mod! welcome gray @grayrhinos, they're also very epic

hey yall, we have a new mod and they're epic, please welcome skelltan

anyway, we're on v3.1.1 now you can refresh get the changes

eugh if forgot a few things, that migration will have to wait for a bit while i correct that

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sorry for the downtime, please bare with me while i get media running again

alright time to move to 3.1.1, i might also actually make the change with s3 providers while im at it, media might be broken for a day or so because wasabi is slow

i do not know *why* its been taking so long, but yes, it is still doing the thing

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i havent finished setting up fulltext search *all the way*, but its functional now

its um, still doing the thing, it didnt finish while i was asleep

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while im setting up elasticsearch im gonna move off of wasabi to digitalocean spaces, it shouldnt bring about any downtime

hey yall, should i enable full text search on this instance?
(note: it doesnt allow people to search the entire post database, it only allows users to search through their own posts, their favourites, and their mentions)

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Buckeye DOT social is gab adjacent.

Please block if you haven't already.

I went to see who they were and saw straight up GAB posts being shared.

And they've been replying to a lot of us over on the good side of masto.

Please be careful


hi yall, i put up the themes i wrote for isnotalive onto here, do check them out!

should i start putting themes from onto here?

that took a bit longer than i expected but at least we're in the clear

hey y'all, in a little bit the instance is gonna get bumped offline for a bit while we move stuff around and it might take a bit, thanks for y'all's patience

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block recommendation, isnotalive admin 

suspended graham linehan's instance (

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looking for volunteer mods, boosts + 

hi yall
we're currently lookin out for new moderators and/or admins as an effort to balance out how white and english exclusive our services are.

the wants are:
-not white
-speak something other than english well (preferably portuguese, german, and/or hindi)
-also speak english or have a way of translating so you can communicate with us effectively
-be anti-racist/anti-casteist and anti-fascist
-willing to call us out on our problematic shit constantly
-lgbtq+ in some way, or at least be an ally

not all of these are requirements, but the more you match the better.
if you're at all interested shoot me an email at or contact me at

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