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anyway someone turned off cert renewing and when the cert expired cloudflare freaked out about it and i didnt see until a few hours ago ;~;
i cant wait to get this hosted on my infrastructure and hopefully we wont have any more suprises like this, sorry for everything!

im so so sorry for the downtime everyone, there was a few changes to the infastructure that i wasnt told about and i couldnt deal with whatever issues happened until i woke up

fedi is scrolling so fast right now holy shit

okay y'all, everything's updated, refresh to see all the changes uwu

hi y'all, im gonna actually get around to updating this instance to 3.0.0, sorry for the delay everyone

be rootin'
be tootin'
be shootin'
but most importantly:
be kind

haha lol im thinkin about thos beans

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