alright, everything seems functional, refresh the page to get the new stuff

hey yall! im gonna be updating here to 3.2.0, hold on tight

sorry everyone i was asleep when the disk filled up (mastodon really likes to spit lots of info into the log), that issue shouldnt happen again

its late, but ! the summer theme is up do check it out !

@maltball oh! if you're on the web version, theres an announcement button on the top of your home timeline, it has a link to the discord

@maltball i think its because it belongs to an org (serenitylaboratories) which i also dont actually own, and the previous admin of here disabled it in preference to just having users notify her, which we have a system already (through the discord, and eventually bridged matrix channels), i just wasnt home at the time when it started being an issue

@maltball well its not a code issue, actually, its just a misconfig, so i couldnt really resolve anything through github

sorry everyone i had misconfigured a config file and set a limit too high, this *shouldnt* happen again

okay, now that that's done, the instance shouldnt go down nearly as much, sorry about all that

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i really ought to put pgbouncer on here

gonna update here! apologies if its slow for a bit

i forgot to mention but i finished doing this

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gonna change up how im balancing resources between sidekiq and puma since it feels like its too heavily skewed towards sidekiq right now

hi! we upgraded to v3.1.3slis as well as adding a spring theme, refresh the page to see the changes!

since announcements dont work on mobile yet to my knowledge, im doing more work on s3, and media probably will be broken for a bit, please bare with me

another new mod! welcome gray @grayrhinos, they're also very epic

hey yall, we have a new mod and they're epic, please welcome skelltan

@skelltan i actually have three but is only experiemental

anyway, we're on v3.1.1 now you can refresh get the changes

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