hey folks, in a minute, im about to be updating this instance, hold on tight !

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as an unrelated asside, dont forget to mark sensitive/cw 18+ and adjacent content

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oh haha wait sike ! i gotta wait for a different job thats still running to finish, and that should take ~50 more minutes, sorry

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hey folks! im gonna be updating this instance to mastodon 3.4.0 soon, the instance might be a little slow for a bit during the update

i put in this change in! you should be able to make up to 10 option polls, and the silly option text limit has been upped to 100 characters

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hey folks, since i was chatting about it, what ballpark number of options should we allow for polls?

despite *just* getting a new mod, i still need more people to be able to make sure the timelines are safe, and preferably someone *from this instance* since im not super present in the community here, if any of yall want to help in moderation, just dm me! the more the merrier

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deadinsi.de federated instance request 

@FemboHooters they're only silenced, not suspended atm, so they still federate, but leonie happens to interact with unsavoury folks and has a history of making unsavoury takes, so i dont know if i have the trust there to unsilence them
if you have friends there, though, you can still follow them and interact with them, users from koyu just wont appear in the federated timeline or the notifications of users who dont follow them

hey folks, im gonna be updating the instance in a minute or two here, hold on tight!

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