sorry everyone i had misconfigured a config file and set a limit too high, this *shouldnt* happen again

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@ida is the errorpocalypse over,, also theres no way to report issues on ur github :(

@maltball well its not a code issue, actually, its just a misconfig, so i couldnt really resolve anything through github

@ida no i mean i looked it over and theres no way to submit an issue. at all?

@maltball i think its because it belongs to an org (serenitylaboratories) which i also dont actually own, and the previous admin of here disabled it in preference to just having users notify her, which we have a system already (through the discord, and eventually bridged matrix channels), i just wasnt home at the time when it started being an issue

@ida oh i dont know abt the discord or matrix thingies ;v;
yeah i was trying to have a debate and i kept getting kicked 500 errors to me which made it awkward. it gave me time to think though.

@maltball oh! if you're on the web version, theres an announcement button on the top of your home timeline, it has a link to the discord

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