oh heck wait is deadinsi.de actually gonna be shut down? drat I need to find a new instance huh

@lemememeringue yeah i remember seeing something from aurelia but their account is gone now. i'm the only active mod left, since @ida [admin]hasn't posted since june and @sascha [admin] is aurelia's old account

@shinesprites @lemememeringue @sascha oh nah, aurelia was gonna transfer ownership over to me, since she's stepping down. my main is over at @ida


@shinesprites @lemememeringue @sascha @ida im kinda surprised it wasn't told to anyone else?

@ida @shinesprites @sascha @ida there needs to be a community board or smth djfjfjf

so the instance will be staying?

@lemememeringue @ida @shinesprites @sascha yeah, i need to migrate it over to my infrastructure first though, so i guess like expect a few minutes of downtime sometime within the next few days?

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