the amazon rainforest wildfires burned 900,000 hectares of land

the australian bushfires have been going since august and have burned over 5,900,000 hectares, and are still going

on january 1st 2020, a blanket of smoke from the australian fires covered new zealand (the blue outline on the left). the smoke tinted glaciers brown, the sky turned orange and residents reported smelling smoke.

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mallacoota, victoria, two days ago. it's 9:20am, and the sky is pitch black. the sun is not visible - the glow in the upper left is from a light. it's 50 degrees celsius (122F). 4,000 people are gathered on the beach, trying to avoid the fires.


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up until recently, the volunteer firefighters were unpaid. there are not enough firefighters to control the bushfires, so many have left their jobs to try to save lives.

the morrison government announced that firefighters would be paid up to $300 per day for their service, totalling at $6000. twenty days.

there are 18 confirmed deaths and 17 known missing people. over 1500 homes have been destroyed. over 4,800,000 animals have died, including 30% of new south wales' koala population. two volunteer firefighters have died. all while prime minister scott morrison was holidaying in hawaii.

note that the data in the image is outdated - the figures have since gotten much worse.

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these two photos of the mid-north coast of australia were taken one week apart

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i was watching ABC news on new years eve and every single story was about the bushfires

the phrase "climate crisis" definitely applies here

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scott morrison visited kangaroo island and expressed his relief that nobody had died there

people informed him that two people had in fact died

whoopsie daisies

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the australian bushfires have now burned over 10,800,000 hectares of land - more than the area of bulgaria.

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scott morrison made a post about the bushfires with a (now removed) donation link. the link was not to donate to the fire service or state emergency services - it was to donate to the liberal party.

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@lynnesbian that has got to be the most craven thing imaginable, especially since a bunch of politically disengaged boomers would definitely have gone and donated through that link thinking they're doing something to help.

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