Boost this if you see your kink:

Being gay for girls
Cuddling girls
Holding hands with girls
Talking about doing things with girls
Kissing girls
Loving girls
Thinking about girls
All girls
Just girls
Going out on dates with girls
Chatting with girls
Spending time together with girls
Being friends with girls
Being girls

Nobody will know which one >.<

Seeing this reach the creepy and gross parts of the fediverse -.-

@ialika_lifina Add "watching Star Trek with girls" and I'm there, sister

@ialika_lifina I do like the idea of becoming a group of girls through reproducing asexually. Also the idea of having multiple consciousness and experiences happening at same time seems really interesting. 🤔

@ialika_lifina This is actually a really cool kink/fantasy. I want to be a group of girls.

@ialika_lifina i'm sorry i read the first item in the list and my brain shut off

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