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introduction post (long) (redraft) 

Hi hi everyone!
We're Ialika, but y'all probably know that from our .social account ^_^
Here is where we post all kinds of content, like queer/trans stuff, political stuff from a vaguely ancom perspective, opinions on games and other generally wholesome content!

As for who we are:
We should have most of it in our bio, so just see that ^_^
Y'all have probably guessed by our use of 'we' pronouns, we're plural.
In particular, this account is used by:
-L💦Lily (she/her or they/them)
-A🧝Azura (she/her)
This isn't something we can fit in the bio, so we're putting it here!

We will do our best to keep potentially lewd content off here, to maintain a safe environment for everyone. Our account for such content is at @ialika_lifina. We also irregularly post TF fics there as well!
Do note that account is strictly 18+ only.

Suppose that will do for now at least ^_^

(redrafted to correct link)

Periodic reminder that we are in fact gay goo girls, and we're gay for goo~d girls ^w^

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On par with “you’re not Demi you just have trauma and won’t fuck anyone you just met”

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If I have to read one more “QPR are just normal relationships you’re just not adjusted to society” take I will explode

'Good girl' is a magic phrase capable of turning cute girls into slimegirls, because 'good girls' become 'goo~ girls'!

a short statement on our position on identity labels. 

We do appreciate this place sometimes, though we're rarely active on here.
Particularly since none of the petty 'discourses' and exclusionist BS from birdsite really show up here, at least not that we see.

Do want to state though that we're against any and all forms of exclusion and identity policing.
As long as they're being used in good faith and aren't centering abhorrent and/or bigoted shit, the identity labels and/or pronouns people use and feel suit them most are all valid.
After all, they are tools meant to describe our experiences and expressions, not mutually exclusive taxonomic categories into which people can be sorted into.

Slimegirls can't ever be police, because there are no goo~d cops!

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okay i just want to point out that bundle is 1500 games now

that was not a typo

you better be paying more than $5 for this

Don't make the slimegirl angry, or she'll drop the sludgehammer!

Kinda sad that monsterpit's been down so long...
Guess we'll have to do our intermittent slimeposting here instead >w<

Want to know how to make a slimegirl melt? 

You call her a 'goo~ girl'!

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has the australian government ever provided anything more useful than the official ACB ratings generator? i think not

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ive missed ialika's slimegirl posting!!! its a dead masto account please DM me i made curious greg, wish me luck

That feeling when you get namedropped by a bot >w<

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