let's play a fun game of where will gray be posting today?!

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it was 4 am so this is a kinda goofy selfie but wow i love myself

Anyways this is my 'sona Vic (it/its pronouncs) (drawn by @drexagon) and it's a very happy but also moody lil' chain chompy friend! it's always happy to get its hands dirty when it matters and it does NOT!!!!! like power stars

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I'm & not gonna forget it this time

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we rock the pit hair on feminist friday

"Together, we will turn the page towards greatness and profound leadership"

- 🧀🐀

One day I will be cute enough to fluster the guys and the lesbians

Mark my words

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meta, mostly for newcomers 

You know what? Being called out is no big deal. I've been on here since fall 2017, I've talked to pretty much everyone who's ever been big on the Fedi, I've seen communities rise and fall.

Do you really think I never fucked up? I said a bunch of bullshit in my time, I got called out on it, I apologised, questioned my biases, and did better, and we all moved on. That's just part of how we do things #onhere.

But when you receive criticism, the one thing you don't do when you get calle out on something you said that people thought was hurtful or harmful, is to double down and attack them for working up the courage to tell you you hurt them.

Christ. It's not *that* hard to swallow one's pride just once in a while.

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