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penpal sent me teeccino and i'm mad that it is this good


anyone in portland maine know any tattoo artists?

so i was prescribed pills at planned parenthood. can i just call cvs and ask if they're ready or do i have to go?

i want a girlfriend who asks for her pulled teeth at the dentist

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i'm gonna make some food for some socialist candidates in the city and recipes that are both healthy and very good are welcome cause so far i'm making them a fat filled casserole and blueberry muffins


i am high and i smell like campfire


everyday i get closer to being fisted

went to a solidarity w Palestine protest today

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my hair looks like shit but i have another bottle of dye and i expected this not to cover everything so i'm still winning


bleaching my hair drunker than cooter brown


cannot wait to be railed to within an inch of my life, personally

Just got back from a picnic at the beach. It was real nice. I have pictures, but later.


today is a beach day. i made iced tea yesterday, it's been chilling in the fridge. gonna make some tuna bowls. gonna fuck i forgot to make muffins i will be back later.

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