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Went to an orchard this morning and got to help set up irrigation while some folks put up trellises and weeded. It was fun.

a lot of the "normalize" toots and tweets are y'all projecting that folks care when they do not

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Hey if you’re in or around Boxboro MA, I’m looking for my dog Charlie. My dad put him in a shelter without telling any of us. This is within the last three months.

body gore, blood, yuck 

learned that blood and eggs share a protein and if our blood is warmed too fast / too high it will scramble

The camp toilet is because ticks are so bad up here, man. They're so, so bad. A bitch can't shit in the woods without getting bit by one of those fuckers.

Anyhow, anyone of any gender is allowed to hit on me and should because I'm fun.

i can't explain it i just feel like the straights are up to something

I say these things but just know all of it goes out the window when my romantic ass likes somebody

I think eventually I'll date women. I'm not really interested in having another boyfriend. Not ready right now. My Zoloft is working, I really like my therapist, I'm getting my teeth fixed. Shit is happening.


Partner yanked down my shorts and fucked me for less than a minute before rolling off of me and going about his day. "Good morning." I just laid there like a cartoon with stars circling my head.

y'all should lie more. just lie about shit that doesn't matter. just go, "yeah these are fake flowers" and they are real flowers. just for a little thrill.

Here's a video for those of you who wanna hear the crackle

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wait so youre telling me that people are being horny in maine?

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