Did i let my spicy black bean burger get cold waiting so i could eat it at home because it needs mustard and pickles? yes i did. is it still better for the mustard and the pickles? ehhhhhhhhh

using public bathrooms is one of my only strong skills so i will brag about it until i die

i can use any public restroom anywhere but it's hard to find a bathroom in downtown places

food sorta 

i'm having preliminary coffee before my coffee date so i can poop at home

i forgot about captioning the photos until just now that's my bad i'm a stupid bitch and i've told y'all that but i will try harder i promise


i can't do shit about the quality of my camera but this is a dress i own

just had to send a gal a poem i wrote because i mentioned that i did a poem a day a few months ago i hate being a lesbian

@Pixley i follow you because you are rad and funny and have cool cats that i get to see and make cool food that i get to see and you're smart as shit.


it's been nearly two weeks and i'm still bleeding from the iud

goin on a date with a laaaaaaaadyyyyyyyy on saturday to see Pig

who teaches these men to take pictures forehead first

@eris the panorama is of the western foothills. Mount Abram. The yurt was in Kingsfield.


home made waffles and local ass tiny blueberries that are v good cause sweet. i love maine. i love living here. i love yurts now. i'm a big yurt guy.


me: i'm good
Planned parenthood doctor: you're good? you're dry heaving..

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