here's your medicine today, lads. fuzzy baby sheep.

@gardenhaint they look like they could be baby cows. 😍

@maloki Not cow. The horns are twisted. No cow has that. Also, no baby. Babies don't have no horns (yet). A small sheep race, I'd guess. @gardenhaint

@carl I know they're not. I don't care about reality, no need to correct my glee over their cuteness. jeeze


@carl @maloki @gardenhaint it is a swiss sheep called "Walliser Schwarznase" if you google that you will find many more cute pictures.

@gardenhaint There is a small flock of Valais Blacknose sheep here in north west Scotland. They are adorable, and seem to like human contact too.
They are such expensive animals here that one person who does a lot of sheep shearing did not want to be responsible for the little flock, so the owners had to do it themselves!

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