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did i post about my new hair here? here's my new hair

you wouldn't download a store employee to be mean to


that was when we got really great burritos and then walked over to the movie theater and watched the fronch dispatch


just remembered the owner of the record shop asking us where we were "grubbing out" and how I took a full two and a half minutes to process before i could answer

dating anybody even three months younger than me means i get so many tiktoks

i love the bit in the xfiles where scully sits and judges

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coworker made me cry for no reason. most of my coworkers are nice but this guy is fucking dog shit.

a bit lewd 

i went to a kinky sex dungeon in the woods after being invited that afternoon so

“if they put an iron circle around your neck I will bite it away”

― Toni Morrison, Beloved

getting tattoos makes it harder to post lewd on the internet

going out but i have two job interviews tomorrow so i need to be home by midnight. behaving.

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