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I thought my mom was calling to tell me that my *other* cousin died of Covid, but nope she was calling to tell me a cousin I wasn't even worried about had a horrific car accident killing four people and mediflighting one. two of those people being children. i... am gonna stare out my window and think about how we used to watch shitty movies when adults went to sleep and how she taught me how to be the most white trash of hoes and how that bitch killed my gold fish on accident when we was young and... damn.

project this into my fucking brain until i feel human again please


my cousin and her son died in a car crash. she was 30, he was 14.

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Miniature cabinet of curiosities project, I'm ALL DONE 

Hooray! I finished a project!!

I tend to look at things I've made and fixate on the details I wish I could change, but overall I'm happy with this one

I got so hasty when I could see the finish line that I forgot to take separate photos of 2 of the things I made: on the 3rd shelf there's a mummified Egyptian cat, and on the bottom shelf there's a (real) green quartz crystal in a wrought iron holder. Everything else is detailed upthread

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i would like to kiss the girl i'm dating please

i had a really good art museum sushi date with Lauren

I love writing erotica because who even fucking cares. Cum or don't.

everything i have learned from tiktok i have learned through people i met on tinder

i'm watching The Iron Giant for the first time ever

how are thou on this dreary, beautiful morning

so i think that might be over and i'm venting here because i can. fuck off.

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simon fell down the stairs and it was so horrifying and scary and the gal i'm dating was like "oh no" in response to me saying that i was scared and crying and shaken. like, i can't lean on simon who fell down the stairs. i would like some god damn support.


reading Amelia's newsletter while drinking coffee and eating my trader joe hazelnut cookies and wrapped up in a blanket. don't ever say i don't know how to live, bitch.


i WISH it wasn't a direct flight like take me to places i wanna see how weird burger king gets

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