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my eyes are tired and i have a headache and no matter how long i sleep nothing changes

might see if a melatonin supplement helps

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if i were to ever run for political office it would be on a platform of making it deeply illegal for anything to autoplay anywhere and i think this would solve more problems than on the surface it would appear to solve

thank you! i got through part of it! now i have various procedural codes all over my hand!

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hey I forgot to mention:

dont go into random womens dm's being massively creepy. fuck off and never speak to anyone again instead

my upstairs neighbors have a bathtub on wheels. they fill it with sand, pennies, rock cube, marbles, 3 sided dice, and bones. then they fucking kick it back and forth across the room

this frog needs words of positivity to help power through medical coding homework! 🐸

ah, easter. the celebration of jesus laying the eggs of christmas past, present, and future

"you make us look bad" politics 

if our bi trans dyke cripple queer nonbinary plural otherkin asses make your community look bad by existing, your community ain't shit and we'll start better ones

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wow it’s officially 2 n a half years since kev and i got together and we wanna celebrate & we’re starvinnn so it’d be nice if we could get some help!!!

i’ll stop asking for food money soon i promise but it’s really hard at the moment :(

pro tip: if you're struggling to think of good posts, simply make bad posts instead

Protect your schedule, including the empty time.

You don't have to be perfect

Your friends accept you for who you are

Your real friends love you for it

"game of thrones" is a weird way of saying "musical chairs"...

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