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go eat something. you can't live off memes alone

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i have a big enough following that i had to hide boost notifications just so i can see people's replies & mentions

i'm glad mastodon has that feature, though

The horse is not here for spells and curses.

just a reminder that zenni optical is one of the cheapest places to get glasses. i got a pair with transition lenses for under $50 this year

video games are just complicated choose-your-own-adventure books

today's a good day to laze about in a baggy sweatshirt & leggings

helloo sory to interupt , big love big love big love !

new icon~

it's froppy in a green t-shirt and jeans, drinking a frappuccino with a frog on her head

If I were super annoyed by a meme, I would simply...

Fun date idea: destroy humanity together

gonna try sleeping again, see if it really is what raving critics are making it out to be

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