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hey my next paycheck is gonna be really sparse since i was sick and had shifts cancelled bc of the snow. i do tarot readings on the side blog linked above, $3 usd for a 3-card spread

if you could purchase a reading or boost this post, i’d really appreciate it!

*taps on mic*
hi yes, um, i love all my friends and wish them only the best 💚

someone stole a library book. they left the dust jacket behind

ok i got some song from mario party 5 stuck in someones wavy ginger hair]

what's a good way to pass the time while you're level grinding pokemon (games before xy)?

someone turned in some airpods to the library lost and found today, ironically in their case

the one and only time i said "hold onto your slime" was back in november

the bot spares no toot

yeah, i dont wanna spam you with matcha

⏹️ cough drops
☑️ hot shower
☑️ orange juice
☑️ multivitamin
☑️ dayquil
☑️ sore throat is making an entire loaf of bread

hold onto your slime bc im gonna finish taking notes, do my good night

loud dance music coming from the general public

2019 is doing its best at outdoing 2018 in all the wrong ways.

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