part of my description reads "SEA"

i'm from seattle, you say?

no, i say, i'm from the sea

yesterday at the cat circus the trainer said "cats are interesting to train because they dont work for free, they demand to be paid in treats and even if you pay them they might just do something else instead." anarchist legends

all i wanna do is (mastodon bloop sound) (mastodon bloop sound) (mastodon bloop sound) (mastodon bloop sound)

sexual assault; rape; fundraiser; pls boost and donate 

hey everyone. my friend was raped and went to the hospital to get checked. she has no money or insurance to pay it off. if y’all can boost this and donate as much as you can, that would be wonderful. we need this to go up to $500-1,000.

i feel fine *now* but there's no telling how i'll feel later...

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Okay so try to follow me here:

reaching dangerous wizard levels

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

melatonin didn't help. i tossed and turned all night and my headache only wore off an hour ago 😓

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my eyes are tired and i have a headache and no matter how long i sleep nothing changes

might see if a melatonin supplement helps

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