aba, abuse 

If you are in any psychology adjacent field and you could make it through these videos without wanting to claw yourself in empathetic distress, do your future victims a favor and change your major


aba, abuse 

@forAll52 As an autistic survivor of the special education system (but not 'early intensive intervention') I just want to say that the way I was treated when people could see you and the way I was treated when I was alone with my 'teacher' was so incredibly different.

Nobody believed me when I tried to tell people I was being abused...

I don't for a second believe that what we see in these materials is all that is going on behind closed doors.

aba, abuse 

@gendertreyf less visibility means even less accountability, of course people favor the authority over a "weird" child, despite authority directly enabling worse. I don't understand my species sometimes

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