PSA: water is H2O, it has a pretty fixed pH value. so does your body. if you were to somehow make your blood "more alkaline" you would almost instantly die

"alkaline water" is just water. it has no effects that regular water doesn't have. also it is not even alkaline. even if it was, it would not make your body more alkaline to drink it. that is not how pH works. stay hydrated but don't buy that shit

@applebaps I once had someone on tumblr tell me that cancer and numerous other diseases were entirely caused by pH imbalances in the body and I almost snapped my laptop in half

@forAll52 @photophoregirl old magical ideas from western occult philosophy basically

@forAll52 @photophoregirl congratulations you are immune to the alkaline water idea lol

@applebaps @photophoregirl not completely, I was stunned by how bad the idea is that it took a while to process

@applebaps @photophoregirl why is it that no matter how low my expectations get, I still end up surprised in a bad way?

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