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in case any of y'all don't know: i'm german. and due to the unexplainable influx of users recently that some of you might have noticed i have taken to posting more in my native tongue because... well, truthfully because there are more people now.

so if any of you are over here and not over there and want to keep up, you can find me at @terfhunter92

(also the username is really cool)

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my top 25 of the year 

i keep a list of artists that reached my top 25 every year on just updated it for 2021 and i want to document the movements, so you're gonna have to sit through this real quick.

new artists 2021:
- '68
- akintoye
- big brave
- blood command
- boysetsfire
- dave
- dissy
- erika de casier
- genesis owusu
- mine
- mΓΈl
- spellling

that's more than half the list, which is kind of crazy. hard to find words for all the artists in this limited space too, even tho they deserve it. 2021 was just another year where my taste shifted a bunch, i guess. some of these artists should've made it sooner tho, like erika de casier, dave and boysetsfire. just didn't listen to them much until this year i guess, although i was aware of them. dissy, genesis owusu, mΓΈl and spellling just released banger albums this year and big brave is probably my favorite find. vital is good, but their entire catalogue is high quality.

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friendly reminder that i'm fundamentally a flawed person - because i'm human - so if i do or say anything that makes you uncomfortable or seems Not Very Smart of me then i would appreciate a friendly reminder myself πŸ’ž

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the adhd urge to start reading five books and finish none of them

death, violence 

found two corpses in the woods in completely separate places that had some kind of paper with undecipherable script with them, put both in my pocket and when someone tried to give me a beating later the two pieces combined to generate a force field or whatever. a priest came by and told me that the two pieces in conjunction banished demonic activity or something

sounds like a whole ass mystery to be uncovered. demons, lesbianism, you know- the works.

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dreamt something that could be the premise of a ya novel maybe it's a sign from the universe

hrt, body stuff 

seriously. i think they are but i'm also a bit overweight and i'm incredibly impatient so i don't know if i can trust myself

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gaslighting myself into believing that i'm not feeling the effects of hrt yet so i don't go around telling strangers that my tits are bouncier than usual


i read the thumbnail in french at first and was incredibly confused

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we should build like trams that can go fast on like >30km long lines stretching far out from cities to villages

feeling more trans than usual today. what does that even mean-

man why is the middle of the night always the time i get the urge to clean can't this shit happen at like noon or something

queuing valorant london servers to tell everyone how much i hate the queen

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BREAKING NEWS: The queen of england has left doctors custody and is fucking BALLING IT on the royal basketball court!!!

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UPDATE: The Minions from the Minions movies were seen tearfully entering Buckingham Palace just moments ago. Press are still not allowed inside and we have heard nothing more from officials. We will keep you updated as events unfold.

this is very embarrassing for me 

i ain't kidding

my favorite party trick is pulling off the fast part from eminem's rap god

internet users in 2008: it's the fucking internet you can curse here stop censoring yourself you wimp

youtubers in 2022: if i say "piss" once in my video i will not be able to eat for a month

my biggest mistake was leaving silly little group chats in my teens

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interdimensional cable but it's a podcast of two dudes doing commentary on a darts game they're not watching

one of these days i'mma buy a baseball bat and take a self defense class

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