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in case any of y'all don't know: i'm german. and due to the unexplainable influx of users recently that some of you might have noticed i have taken to posting more in my native tongue because... well, truthfully because there are more people now.

so if any of you are over here and not over there and want to keep up, you can find me at @terfhunter92

(also the username is really cool)

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my top 25 of the year 

i keep a list of artists that reached my top 25 every year on just updated it for 2021 and i want to document the movements, so you're gonna have to sit through this real quick.

new artists 2021:
- '68
- akintoye
- big brave
- blood command
- boysetsfire
- dave
- dissy
- erika de casier
- genesis owusu
- mine
- møl
- spellling

that's more than half the list, which is kind of crazy. hard to find words for all the artists in this limited space too, even tho they deserve it. 2021 was just another year where my taste shifted a bunch, i guess. some of these artists should've made it sooner tho, like erika de casier, dave and boysetsfire. just didn't listen to them much until this year i guess, although i was aware of them. dissy, genesis owusu, møl and spellling just released banger albums this year and big brave is probably my favorite find. vital is good, but their entire catalogue is high quality.

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friendly reminder that i'm fundamentally a flawed person - because i'm human - so if i do or say anything that makes you uncomfortable or seems Not Very Smart of me then i would appreciate a friendly reminder myself 💞

i've said this on my stream before but the amount of people using the pronouns for twitch extension in any given chat is directly proportional to how comfortable i'll feel in that community

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anyways here's a graph with the follower count of all the women's clubs in the german football bundesliga

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3am by halsey but instead of running through the numbers in my phone i'm making a spreadsheet

lewd, yearnposting, football 

if you from men win soccer game town or thereabouts right now and you are touch-starved i'm just gonna say- the

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lewd, yearnposting, football 

the only thing i want to do after men win soccer game is kiss a qt

i will stand by this. unless kisses are on the table, don't call me

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the matrix but instead of, like, aliens or whatever harvesting humanity for power it's jeff bezos and elon musk.- also we get a scene of them making out

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From Twitter just for anyone who is still using it as of the 10th of June the following will be scanned when using Direct Messages: Content, Recipients, Date and Time.

Previously Content was not scanned now it will be.

Remember when people were saying Mastodon isn't safe cause Admins' can read your Direct Messages/Conversations?


#twitter #mastodon #elonmusk


73 move game. equal material. pawns are locked. eval shows 0.00 for a good 30 moves. i offer draw. opponent refuses.

i offer draw by repetition. opponent refuses.

i offer ANOTHER draw by repetition. opponent refuses AGAIN. proceeds to blunder both their remaining pawns. ends up in a losing endgame. resigns with two seconds on the clock.

broski really went through ALL THAT just to be stupid.

it's 2022 and i'm playing doodle jump time truly is a circle

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the reason why I have more emotions now isn't because of HRT, it's because the Unicode Consortium keeps adding new ones

aww a baby tran just messaged me after i interacted with them on a gaming discord i love being a role model

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this is what i found so far:

it's good. but i need more organic recs. and also more cool shit there's gotta be a countrypop nerd on my timeline somewhere!!

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CW: History, Nazi Germany 

On this day in 1933 the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft in Berlin was destroyed by Nazis, setting trans rights and healthcare back hundreds of years.

I’m heading to Schwules Museum today to mark the occasion. It’s part of our long history - and we are still reeling from it.


fellow people who happen to listen to music, i am on a quest for recommendations

i have found this cover of "jolene" by miley cyrus and i am positively in love:

do y'all have any albums and/or songs that would fit this vibe? preferrably recent

why do i even *try* to play chess if this is the quickest win i've gotten in months

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