🌹casual swearing 

🌹 this week's felt so fucking weird. maybe it's the tired talking but still

🌹 it's 1am nd our brain is shutting down...... rip

🌹 acnh 

🌹 we're restarting our island nd god what a pain. we haven't even gotten to the actual island living part bc we're just trying to get an island we like first. needs a specific section for alice (since cir's the only one who wasn't rlly on board with the reset) nd also apples as the native fruit for david nd holly

we were considering trying to get starting villagers we liked too but nah. that's gonna take an eternity nd i'm not here for it

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dancing butterflies
gazing outside

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πŸ’« Deltarune 

Giving up for tonight. I'd like to see if we can get the weapon too, but it'll have to wait until our head's more present, which it's kind of not right now.

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πŸ’« Deltarune 

THE JEVIL FIGHT IS SO HARD...... We've beaten him the pacifist way once but since ch2 has that "if you didn't beat Jevil in this save, you can still get the items from him if you beat him in another save" I wanted to see if doing both ways can give you both items... Probably not, but I'd like to find out for myself.

πŸ’« language-learning (JP) 

πŸ’« You don't appreciate your native-language reading speed until you have to read another language quickly... I did not think we were this bad with 'kana and yet unless we can control when the dialogue progresses we simply cannot read the Deltarune dialogue.

I wonder if the font has anything to do with it? Perhaps the pixel font is making it a little harder to read? Also re-realizing the trouble we have with さ and け, which we also tend to mix up unless one is directly next to き.

Mainly need to practice I gues......

πŸ’« deltarune ch1, casual swearing 

πŸ’« I guess I've decided to spend my evening having Jevil hand my ass to me endlessly.

( Why is this battle so damn hard... )

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o autumn winds
vanishing over the rooftops
a grey world

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cherry blossoms
scent of old books
admiring the cherry blossoms

πŸ’« twst, merch 

πŸ’« Malleus nendoroid still hasn't shipped, this is so sad...

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Today's gender is numbness and the smell of a library.

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seeming as though
his face so innocent
autumn dusk

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