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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has called for a Special Legislative Session on prisons, beginning IN 3 DAYS, during which the legislature will consider a $1.2 billion plan to build two new 4,000 bed prisons.

Please click through and use the letter writing tool available on Action Network's site to contact your state legislators in Montgomery. If you don't live in Alabama, please signal boost and/or forward this to someone who does live in Alabama. Thank you.

Read more and help out by writing a letter here:

This is what the Unicode Consortium wants to teach our kids.

Y'all were all too busy looking at Catra's helmet ears to notice that Entrapta also gave herself a boob window and gave Bow an ab window. On a fucking spacesuit.

Today is 4 years since the most influential cinematic animated masterpiece of our time was released.

Okay, I take that back. Kiel, Wisconsin, who hurt YOU? Are you okay??? Does someone need to check up on you???

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To Wisconsin: Who hurt you to force you to adopt this flag?

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