Who betrayed us?
The social democrats!

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@pilou It does! Actually, it's a saying among German leftists, if you didn't know.
I heard about it in this video, and I've had it in my head since.

@delve Yes, I knew. I grew up in Germany and was in contact with leftists there. First time I heard this slogan, it was yelled in a parliament. 😄

@pilou Haha, I figured you might have known. Sorry if what I said was a little "Americansplain-y." I've seen you speaking German on the timeline, but way you said that it rhymes in German, it seemed possible to me that you had read it and just happened to notice the rhyme.

Also, on the topic of it being yelled in parliament: Hell, yeah. Always loved how much more passionate European parliaments seem compared to boring US Congressional sessions.

@delve Don't worry. It was not American-splainy. 😉 I just thought I might get the ball rolling to give some context to that slogan. :blobcat:

I never thought of the German parliament as very passionate, but I suppose it makes sense. They got nothing on Britain, though.


@pilou Glad it wasn't splainy :) And I see.

Also, I haven't seen too many European parliaments, but I have heard that they *tend* to be passionate compared to the US, and of what I have seen, it seems to be true. So when you mentioned that it was yelled in the German parliament, that came to mind.

I've seen the utter antics of the UK parliament, and omg I love it. It's almost like watching theater. "ORRDAA!!" XD

@delve It wasn't in "the" German parliament but just "a" parliament in German on a very local level. I don't know if it has been yelled in the "real" German parliament. :blobcat:

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