What's your age?
Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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Yo, shout out to the 60+ year olds on here. Y'all are amazing <3

I think I've managed to make everyone mad with these labels. Sorry :/ 🤷‍♀️


Meh. 54.5 is officially early X and not late boomer. But still, here I am!

@xenophora @delve Yep. 51. Not Boomer. Not homeowner. Student debt to the eyeballs.

@naga @delve

[groan] I'd let you have our 2nd floor in exchange for boosts if we only had a 2nd floor. :/

@xenophora @delve My undergraduate tuition increased by 37% from my freshman to senior years.

@xenophora @delve


You and I have literally been waiting to burn down the Boomers longer than any of these kids! :flan_XD:

Soon, sir and/or ma'am. SOON.

@mwlucas @delve

I never did get around to reading *Generation X* the book, but I did leaf through a very expensive book of Copeland's art one time. Some of it was pretty good.

@mwlucas @xenophora @delve I add "42 (okay, 43 this week), old and working on this broke thingy" to the party. Gen x are on the boomers' tails ...

U.S. Pol- Snark, Obscure Old Ads For Aging Kids :D 

@viennawriter @mwlucas @delve

I am displaced 1960s Sitcom Guy in a 1970s satin running suit and the opponent is private healthcare and looming bankruptcy. The "hidden force?" Capitalism. What else? lmao

"Touche', Xeno! You beat The Force... [evil chortle] LAST time..."

@delve I'd like to take the poll but as gen-X'er I don't want to be mislabeled as Boomer.

@wim_v12e It's not a serious labeling, but I understand your reluctance.

@wim_v12e @delve what most people refer to a "boomer" is a mindset, not an age range
@Jessica @wim_v12e @delve No gen-X'er wants to be called a Boomer regardless of their age

@delve I'm afraid I've skewed the data by voting "elder scrolls" on this one because I thought it was a meme about how old like, the federated social network also known as mastodon, is

@delve the baby boom ended in 1960 so your scale is a bit off. boomers are >70 now. up to 90ish? :)

</nitpicking> ;)

@delve whoops, the 1960's so that's up to 1970..

That would make the youngest about 51. (2021-1970). Also I failed arithmetic , sorry :)

@delve Awesome response and results, and good feedback on the phrasing of the choices. Given how much interest this garnered I'd be interested in a redo with more attention to phrasing. Have you thought of doing so?

@jqiriazi Nah, not really. But anyone else could do the poll again. Even you 😉

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