BIPOC — Do you feel safe or respected on Mastodon or the wider fediverse?
And what can we, white people, do to help you feel more accepted and respected here?

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@rosemary That's good to hear. I do know there have been some problems. I was being told about the PlayViscious situation today, and that Mastodon, especially in leftist spaces, has a bit of a problem with white users harassing and deplatforming BIPOC users. And also white users attacking BIPOC for calling out and criticizing their racism.

I hadn't noticed this, myself. I knew that this could be because of the fact I'm white, so I wanted to take the chance to educate myself.

I'm glad that you feel safe and respected here, and that makes me feel better.

I just want to make sure that this is an open and safe place for BIPOC. I don't have any suspicions of *our* instance having this problem. But I know that other parts of the fediverse may.

@delve I think our instance's moderation shelters me, along with the fact that I'm not well known, and don't talk about race a lot. I've definitely seen some shit peeking into other instances.

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