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brain sensory input sanitizer, abridged:
1. ignore the problem
2. has ignoring it made the problem go away?
2a. YES: good. continue
2b. NO: throw up

"ignoring the problem until it goes away" is already widespread in computing and it doesn't seem to work. i wonder if giving computers the ability to feel physically sick could improve things

oepsie woepsie! de boat is stukkie wukkie! we sijn heul hard aan t werk om dit te make
mss kan je beter fwietsen owo

yet an unassuming, rambunctious Martian is about to discover the true meaning of perseverance... in the Twilight Zone.

*pours emself another whisky* this quite reminds me a lot of orwell's 1498, where a totalitarian population suppresses the opinions of the state

where do i get the peripherals i need to make my Print Screen key truly print screens. been bugging me all this time why all my keyboards have been lying to me

hopefully won't spoil your use of weapons experience but if you're reading it rn maybe don't open 

(what is the opposite of Courtesy) of a friend on discord: Kermithiomel

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trying to google "rage comic celery guy" because my mind is slowly foundering

my new TNG trans headcanon, or as i like to call it, the sapphic worf hypothesis

hopefully won't spoil your use of weapons experience but if you're reading it rn maybe don't open 

Use of Weapons, c. 1890

how does this guy have so many projects and bands. it's unreal

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i have reached the stage of Algorithm where youtube autoplay comes up with some music for the background, i like it and find out it's Steven Wilson, again

a lot of the time when doing something with computers I feel like that one meme with that person shoving a stick through the wheel of the bicycle they're riding on

in order to avoid confusion with literally everybody else the game formerly known as "football" in the united states will from now on be referred to as calvinistball

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